10 Best Super Green Vegetables For Your Health

Super green vegetables

Some Super green vegetables are available in any local market. and the necessity of consuming green vegetables is really important. Green vegetables contain minerals, vitamins, iron, and a good amount of antioxidants. Few veggies are easily available in the market but other veggies are not easily available in the market. You have to taste all the veggies for the goodness of your health. 

                                      There are the10 best green vegetables for your health as follows:

1: Microgreens

Super green vegetables

These are young vegetables. Some people think that sprouts and microgreens are the same but they are not the same. Microgreens grow from sprouts.  They need sunlight to grow. There are some popular microgreens include:

  • Kale
  • Basil 
  • Broccoli
  • Mustard
  • Pea

2: Spinach:

Green leaf vegetable names

The other very good green veggie is spinach. This vegetable includes various minerals, vitamins. Spinach has also various benefits like it increases eyesight, concentration helps in maintaining blood pressure, boosts metabolism, and very helpful in weight loss. The big advantage of spinach is that we can use it without any hesitation. This vegetable also used raw in any vegetable, juice, smoothie, and cook in soup and pasta.

3: Kale:

Kale vegetable

In the list of all green veggies, kale contains more calcium. It has more iron, more omega 3 than oil, & more calcium than milk. That’s why it is listed in the top rank among all other veggies. This green veggie is loaded with fiber, antioxidants. But one drawback of kale is the bitter taste of raw kale. otherwise, kale has very great benefits for our health.

4: Broccoli:

best vegetables to eat raw

In the list of super green vegetables, the next green veggie is broccoli. Broccoli is more often look like a green flower. It reduces many health issues like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. like some other green veggies. So if your kids don’t eat it directly then use it in the stuffing ingredients in their food. It can also be used in a variety of dishes, soups, and salad.

5: Cucumber: 

Best vegetable to eat raw

It contains a high level of antioxidant and water content which’s why it is used in skin care products which helps in anti-aging and hydration. Cucumber has also many other great benefits like, reducing the risk of cancer, relieves, and supports in losing weight. It’s more beneficial if you eat a raw cucumber. 

6: Carrot:

best vegetables to eat daily

This vegetable is very beneficial for our digestive system. It helps in reducing weight, improves heart health, and boosts immunity. So, all in all, we can say that carrot is very much beneficial for our health.

7: Sweet potatoes:

10 benefits of green vegetables

This green veggie also stands for root vegetables because of their vibrant orange color, sweet taste, and great health benefits. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins and minerals which really needed our body. There is some specific type of sweet potatoes which contains some extra benefits like caiapo. This type of potato contains an anti-diabetic effect.

8:  Ladyfinger/okra/Bhindi:

healthiest vegetables

This green vegetable has very great benefits to our health. Ladyfinger helps in weight loss. It improves the digestive system. Bhindi contains low sodium and low cholesterol. Okra contains fiber so that’s why it helps in diabetes prevention. It just not only good for our health but it is also beneficial for our skin.

9: Bitter gourd/Karela:

Healthiest vegetables
Because of its bitter taste, everyone knows about karela very well. This 100 gms karela contains some calories. It helps prevents and cure diabetes. It also helps in improving our digestive system. So all these super green vegetables have great benefits.

10: French Beans:

Healthiest vegetables
bunch of fresh green beans

It also contains calories which are good for our health. French beans improve our digestive system and help in reducing weight. These super green vegetables are good for our health.


We came to know the importance of super green vegetables in our life. If we add all these green vegetables to our routine life then we don’t have any health issues because all the above-mentioned vegetables, all improve our digestive system, prevent diabetes, helpful in weight loss, and provide many other health benefits.

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