7 Benefits of Drinking Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water

Hot water is really good for our health. Drinking hot water in the morning is very beneficial for us because it flushes out all the toxins from the body. If you take lukewarm water with or after taking your meal it helps in the digestion of the food.


7 Amazing benefits of Lukewarm water:


1: Helps in weight loss:

Many peoples said that lukewarm water is really helpful in losing weight.  Especially, When you drink it in the morning it gives you great help in your weight loss. Hot water increases the core temperature of your body. It clears all the bad toxins from the body and gives you good health.

2: Improves Digestion:

If you can take warm water in the early morning then it improves your digestive system. Many studies suggest that if we drink hot water after taking our meal then it helps in reducing our weight and helps in improving digestion.


3: Helps in Hair growth:

Another benefit of lukewarm water is that it helps in the growth of your hair. Hot water activates the roots of your hair and gives benefit to your hair. Lukewarm water also gives you soft and shiny hair. Hot water promotes the roots of your hair and gives them good growth. So drinking warm water gives your hair a long healthy life.


4: Gives you Healthy Skin:

Hot water is very good for our skin. It clears acne from your skin and gives you healthy and clear skin. It works from the inside of your body and flushes out all the toxins. Drinking hot water brings out some sweat and with this, all the pores of the skin are clear and it also prevents other skin-related problems.


5: Gives Nasal Relief :


Lukewarm Water


Warm water helps in your nasal problems. If you have any congestion in your nasal then warm water is really helpful for you in this. Hot water clears all the congestion in the nasal passage and, it also cures your throat.  

6: Beneficial in Menstrual Pain:

Many studies show that if women drink lukewarm water in their menstrual period then it really helps. You should drink warm water in the regular intervals of the menstrual period and it gives relief to the cramps that come at that time. Hot water also relaxes your all muscles.


7:  Helps in Reducing Stress:

Many studies show that one hot cup of water relieves your stress. If you drink any hot item like coffee or tea, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. In today’s life, every person gets this period in their life and bears a stressful life and the best solution of this is to drink hot water, hot tea, or hot coffee.


Disadvantages of Drinking Hot Water:


We all know about the benefits of drinking hot water but did you know that it can also create some side effects on our body. So we will discuss the side effects of Hot water.


1: It creates chances of Burns:

If you drink too much hot water then it may burn your mouth, tongue and becomes very harmful for your health. So when you drink the hot water first check the temperature of the water and if it has a good temperature then drink that water, otherwise it gives you harmful effects.


2: Brings Pressure on the kidney:

The kidney plays a very important role in your body. It flushes out the excess water and toxins from your body. If you drink too much hot water is brings pressure on your kidney and it increases the pace of the functions of the kidney. It workload on your kidney, So always drink water that is in the right temperature not too much hot water.


3: Causing problems In Sleep:

Taking too much hot water at the time of sleep creates various problems for you. Because drinking too much hot water brings problems in your by disturbing you in the night with frequent urination.


How to drink hot water for weight loss:

Hot water is helpful in weight loss. Many peoples asked questions that how it could be possible that drinking hot water reduces your weight. So we will tell you that how you can lose weight by drinking hot water.

1: Lukewarm water increases your metabolism. It also slows down your body processes.

2: Hot water helps in reducing fat. It burnt all the excessive fat of your body and gives you a fit and healthy body.

3: The most important thing that you can do while drinking hot water is that avoid junk and fried foods which adverse the effect of hot water.

4: If you want the best result from drinking hot water then you should drink hot water at a slow speed for performing better functions in your body. 


Drinking hot water vs cold water:


Drinking hot water vs cold water


Mostly everyone likes the cold water in the summers to drink. But many recommended you to drink lukewarm water. Because cold water gives you temporary relief from the heat.  Coldwater is really doesn’t good for your health. It gives an impact on your digestive system and, also affects your metabolism rate. On the other hand, if you drink hot water then it increases your metabolism rate.


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