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Healthy food is important for everyone, whether it is a man, child, or woman. All of them need good and nutritional food.  Because of various responsibilities women like to balance the demand of family and work, because of this, it is difficult for her to maintain her healthy diet. Good food not only just improves your mood but also boosts your immunity system and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.




In childhood, all need similar food items. But in the growing age, a woman needs a different nutritional diet from men. A woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes, and to meet the need for these changes you have to take a proper nutritional diet. The woman needs more vitamins and calcium. These things are really good for your body. If the woman doesn’t take vitamins and minerals then her body faces some problems like; weekend bones, a higher risk of anemia, etc.




Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the combination of symptoms that every woman gets about a week or two weeks before their period. Many women suffer from these PMS symptoms like headaches and moodiness. These symptoms are only for some days When your periods start coming these symptoms go away. So you have to take a healthy diet with these PMS symptoms.


A: Take good food high in iron and zinc:


Healthy diet plan for women

You have to eat healthy food that is high in iron. You have to eat more green veggies, bananas, and various other fruits and foods that are rich in iron and zinc.


B: Say No to Alcohol:


If you face all these PMS symptoms then you should avoid alcohol in your period days. Because alcohol has a very harsh effect if you take it in your PMS cycle and it also increases your difficulties in your period days.


C: Avoid to make deep-fried foods and sugar:


You don’t take that kind of food that increases your PMS symptoms. Deep-fried foods and sugar aren’t good for you in those days because if you take these kinds of foods it creates more problems for you and it increases problems in your PMS.


D: Take food that contains good calcium:


Healthy diet

In PMS symptoms good food with having calcium gives you great benefits. You have to take leafy green vegetables, Curd, milk, and cheese. All these food items give you relief in PMS symptoms.

E: Take vitamin supplements:


Some woman’s take multivitamins or supplements of vitamin B6 and vitamin D. These multivitamins help her in their cramps. But supplements are the best substitute for a healthy diet. You get good vitamins and various multivitamins from healthy food.

Balanced diet for 20-year old female:


At the age of 20 you need a proper diet for maintaining your good health, increasing your blood level. And you get all these healthy nutrients by taking daily multivitamins but before discussing with your doctor.


A: Calcium and Vitamin D:


Both calcium and vitamins are good for your health. Calcium and vitamins protect your bones because women have a higher risk of bones and in this calcium and minerals are really good for your bones. At an increasing age there is a risk of bone loss and you have to take forfeited milk for getting both calcium and vitamins.  


B: Vitamin B :


Vitamin B works good for your body, it increases your metabolism. It converts the proteins and fat into energy. You can take vitamin B from whole grains, breakfast cereals and some other sources of vitamin B. 


C: Iron:


Balanced diet for 20-year old female


At the time of menstruation there is a higher risk of iron deficiency due to blood loss and when you have higher periods then this problem becomes bigger in that case. In the anemia your body feels low, you feel tired. So it’s really important to take a diet which contains iron like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, plant-based food, breakfast cereals and more other food items that contain iron.



Balanced diet for 30-year old woman:


At the age of 30 women need some more healthy and nutritional food for their  healthy life. Women do various kinds of tasks and very greatly she did all these tasks. But by doing all these tasks at the age of 30 she needs a protein rich diet. Which gives her good health. So there are some tips that you should add into your diet for more benefits:


A: Boosts your Metabolism:


Those women who are at the age of 30 are concerned about their metabolism. Women need to plan their diet in order to increase your metabolism rate. You need to take three important nutrients: carbs, proteins and fats. You can take a protein rich diet to boost up your immunity system.


B: Take Fiber included food:


Balanced diet for 30-year old woman


High fiber foods are very essential for your good health. It boosts up your metabolism. So at the age of 30 its very important for the women to take food which contains high fiber. Take a balanced rich diet including fruits and take low processed food. 



Women should take nutritional diets to make a healthy and fit body. She can do various tasks in her daily routine but with that she also takes care of her health also. You should take those food items that contain minerals, vitamins and proteins. Add these diets in your daily routine and it will help you in your menstruation time. A healthy diet is a very essential part of every woman’s life.

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