Benefits of amla and 7 easy ways to use it

Health benefits of amla

Introduction of Amla:

Amla is known as Indian gooseberry which has many health benefits. There are various health benefits of amla like it is beneficial for your hair, skin, and your whole body. Amla is one of the widely used Indian berries nowadays.


Benefits of Amla powder for hair:

  • Boost the volume of your hair
  • Reduce dandruff from your hair
  • It conditions your hair
  • Gives your hair a healthy growth

7 easy ways to use Amla:


A: ​Builds resistance to fight cold and flu

​B: Helps in managing weight management

​C: Relieves pain

​D: Natural blood purifier

​E: Helps in improving vision

F: Boosts hair growth

G: Improves pigmentation and skin texture


A: Builds resistance to fight cold and flu:  

Amla contains vitamin c and consuming raw amla and amla powder helps in the treatment of colds, flu, and other seasonal ailments. You can also make a liquid mixture of amla by using raw amla, honey, ginger, and basil leaves and this liquid mixture improves your immune system and improves your cold and flu.


B: Helps in managing weight management:  

There are various health benefits of amla. Amla juice is really helpful for your digestive system. It improves your metabolism. If you take amla juice before taking your meals which helps in the good absorption of nutrients.


Health benefits of amla
Indian fresh gooseberry juice or a stock photo of Amla juice (Phyllanthus Emblica), selective focus

C: Relieves pain: 

Amla has many other health benefits as it helps in muscle pain and joint pain. Rather than this drinking amla juice and with honey and with a pinch of turmeric helps in relieving all kinds of body pain.

D: Natural blood purifier

 If you eat raw amla or amla powder purifies your blood. Amla juice or amla powder gives your body the much-needed dose of iron. It also helps you to improves your hemoglobin. You can take amla juice anytime.

E:  Helps in improving vision 

Daily consumption of amla helps to reduce eyesight issues. Especially the use of raw amla helps you a lot in increasing your eyesight and helps in reducing the itchiness and redness because of pollution. All these kinds of issues resolve by eating raw amla. So there are various health benefits of amla

F: Boosts hair growth:  

Amla works for your hairs also. Amla gives your hair strengthen and moisturizes freezy hairs. It also helps in the growth of the hair. Amla gives your hair a natural shine. By consuming and applying amla will give your hair good health.

G:  Improves pigmentation and skin texture:

 Another benefit of using amla is that amla helps in making your skin healthy. It improves your skin texture and gives you healthy skin. Drinking amla as well as applying amla helps in slowing down the process of aging. So all these benefits of amla for your skin gives you healthy and glowing skin.


Benefits of eating amla on an empty stomach: 

You can take a raw amla or amla juice on an empty stomach. There are various health benefits of amla.  Amla juice has many health benefits as it helps in reducing cholesterol. Amla helps in the treatment of cold, cough, and flu. Amla is also helpful in many other diseases like Diabetes, Skin diseases, Cholesterol, Body disorders, and grey hairs.

How to use amla leaves:

Amla is a powerhouse of nutrients. Amla leaves or raw amla has plenty of benefits. Dry the amla leaves and make a powder of it and use this powder for eating with like warm water or use this powder for your hair growth by blending few leaves of basil with amla powder and use this paste on your hair scalp and then wash it off after 30 minutes. So there are various health benefits of amla.


Benefits of amla murabba:  


Health benefits of amla
Amla Murabba or Amla Jam

Amla or Indian gooseberry is the powerhouse of nutrients. Amla murabba has many health benefits it builds the immune system. It works on our digestive system. Amla murabba contains vitamin c, Vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Amla murabba has various benefits like: 

  • Digestive Benefits
  • Prevents Ulcer
  • Constipation
  • Keep a check on high cholesterol level
  • Immunity
  • Has anti-aging properties

Amla benefits and side effects:

We know very well about the benefits of amla in the above article. Now we talk about the side effects of amla. Everything has some benefits and as well as has some side effects also. If you have a bleeding disorder then you should talk to your health care provider before taking the amla. You should also stop talking to amla before surgery due to bleeding risk. If you have 1 or 2 types of diabetes then shouldn’t take the amla or Indian gooseberry in that case. And the last one if you are pregnant or trying to conceive so, in that case, you should avoid taking amla.



You should come to know in this article the health benefits of amla. Amla which is also known as Indian gooseberry is very beneficial for our hair, for our body and overall fits our body. It helps in improving our digestive system, constipation, purifies our blood, and many other things. Everything should some benefits and some side effects also. Indian gooseberry or amla has also some side effects like if you have some diabetes problem then you shouldn’t take the amla and the pregnant ladies or those who are trying to conceive don’t take the amla.




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