Benefits of Kiwifruit in Pregnancy

Benefits of Kiwifruit in pregnancy: After marriage when couples plan for baby then they have many desires related to the future baby. A couple wants healthy, cute, & attractive baby who denote the soul & sign of the entire love of the couple. During the pregnancy, a lady must have to consume kiwi in according to the diet plan chart. It is necessary because, a woman needs 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid. Best source of folate is kiwifruit.

kiwi fruit nutrients

With the consuming of two to three kiwi fruits in a day helps to reduce blood clotting, blood thinning and lowered fat content in the blood, according to the recent study by the Oslo University in Norway.

Kiwi Fruit Nutrients

In the given chart, you can get the information about nutrients of kiwi fruit during pregnancy:-

Protein0.8 grams
Sugar100 grams
Fibre2.1 grams
Vitamin A3 micrograms
Iron0.2 milligrams
Potassium252 milligrams
Folate17 micrograms
Vitamin C64 milligrams

Folate In Kiwi
Kiwifruit contains rich in folate. In cell formation, it’s a great critical nutrient and also for unborn baby’s health development folate is integral. Other good point about folate, couples will be never worry about miscarriage.

Vitamin C In Kiwi
Kiwifruit good in origin of vitamin c. Pregnant women can consume on daily basis 64 milligrams of vitamin C from kiwi fruit. For brain function kiwi is important in form of neurotransmitters. Vitamin C in kiwifruit reduces the post pregnancy stretch mark as well.

Amount of Sugar In Kiwi
For controlling your craving on sweets kiwi is best because, it contains natural sugars. It does not lead to an insulin spike with its low glycemic index. Controlling the blood sugar level is important, as gestational diabetes during pregnancy is quite common.

Fiber, Proteins, Potassium & all other ingredients are also important for a pregnant lady. It’s necessary for the growth of unborn baby & also it decreases the chances of miscarriage during the pregnancy. Sometimes pregnant women avoid eating such kind of fruits. However, they can drink the juice or consume shake of kiwi in the liquid form.

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