Best apps for fitness tracking; calorie tracking

Apps for fitness tracking


If you want to become fit then use apps for fitness tracking. With this track, you can burn more calories than you take in. By doing exercise only we can’t manage our weight. For keeping a record of our weight, calories, and many other things related to this, we all need to use the tacker machine. There are some apps that help in keeping a record of our calories, exercise time, and body weight.

  • My Fitness Pal:

    It is the best diet and fitness, tracker. It keeps a record of all food items that you have eaten. You don’t need to add any item like what you eat on Saturday night; this app for fitness tracking automatically adds the food items in their tracker. My Fitness Pal also saves your time because you don’t need to do any math like set your portion size and the content of your portion. It automatically does the entire task.

  • Healthy Out:

    This app for fitness tracking provides you the proper diet chart, in which the app set your food items list according to the calories that you choose, also provides the protein-rich diet or food items, carb, fats and along with this it also shows you the food items that are good for your heart. It is free for iOS.

  • Fitbit:

    Usually, it keeps the track of your food items that you have taken. It monitors your steps and activity. Fitbit app for fitness tracking lets you take your food tracking to the next level. It gives you a record of your diet on the daily basis like how many calories you take, carb, protein, and many more other things related to your diet.  You can add food items manually or with their barcode scanner. The Fitbit detailed data also gives you the whole information about your heart rates, sleep quality, and many more. For this you don’t need to buy this app, it can work with your smartphones or track steps. It is free for iOS and Android.

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  • Lose it:

    There are some apps that come up with a personalized calorie budget, which is based on your height, weight, age, and gender. In this app, it’s your choice how to login into your meals, you can search for your food database, and scanning the barcode. It syncs with your device like any fitness app into your iPhone device. You can also create wellness challenges, setting up private support groups and daily and weekly logs of your progress. It is also free for iOS and Android.

  • Nutritionix Track:

    The Nutritionix Track app for fitness tracking gives you a transparent track of your diet and nutrition. It gives you straightforward calorie tracking on daily basis. That’s why many people praise this app for their best task. It provides you the nutritional info by adding the calorie-containing content of packaged food and restaurant items with everyday fresh foods. The registered dietitians create the database and you can log your food items by speaking into the app. It shows you the correct track of your diet including calories and many more other things. 

  • Rise:

    You can snap photos of your foods and snacks and send them to your dietitian for taking advice and encouragement. It automatically connects you with the matching registered dietitian. You can also discuss your exercise routine and other weight loss routine. If you want, then take the monthly subscription. It is kind of an investment in which your personal coach is with you all the time.  It is only available for iOS.

  • FatSecret:

    It gives you information about your food items or diet, healthy recipes, your weight chart, etc. Fatsecret also gives you the summary view. It includes how many calories you consumed every day, how much fat-contained foods are eaten each day. So with this monthly summary view, you came to know that how many calories you took and all the other details regarding your diet. With the help of this record, you can plan your diet chart with low calories, proper proteins, carbs, etc. It also provides you the feature which is called “challenges” in this you can participate in the dietary challenges with a closed group of peoples. It delivers you the details of your diet chart including supermarket food and also restaurant food.

  • Cronometer:

    The app is mostly used for tracking micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. The chronometer keeps the track of your body weight, exercises, and diet. If you want a diet that is a low-fat, low-carb, and low-fat vegetarian diet then, in that case, you can tell the chronometer about this and it makes the changes to the micronutrient recommendations. It is very easy to use. You can sync Cronometer with your data from the health devices to the app.

  • SparkPeople:

    The best calorie calculator that counts your calories, track your nutrition, activities, and overall progress. It gives you a straightforward record of your food diary. If you want to eat the same item or food, then you can paste that entry into multiple days. The SparkPeople app provides you details of each entry that is entered by you like, total calories, carbs, fat, and protein. It is easy to use & you can easily add any recipe. It has a very big community. It includes health news, exercise demo, and articles by health and wellness experts. It has the largest online food and nutrition databases. But if you want to access the other latest information then you have to upgrade your account to access many other features.




All the above apps for fitness tracking that we have discussed helps you a lot to keep track of your daily or on a monthly basis diet chart including calories, carbs, proteins, etc.




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