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A significant number of women have a collection of lipstick tubes moving around in their cabinet. Maybe they are about void or the shading is unflattering. Or due to the fact that we never again like its shade and quit wearing it. Believe it or not but a remaining lipstick can accomplish more work than you ever thought credible. Look at these tips to reuse old lipstick. These are the ways through which you can recycle or reuse old lipsticks at home.

Turn your old Lipstick into Lip Gloss

If you have broken and leftover lipsticks, don’t throw them, turn into a lip gloss. You just need beeswax and petroleum jelly for this transformation process to reuse old lipstick. Mix leftover lipstick with 1 tbsp of beeswax and 2 tbsp of petroleum jelly in a clean metal container. Place this container in a pot of boiling water. Mix them and stir until all components melted. Place in a container and let it cool for use.

old lipstick into lipgloss

Lipstick on Eyes

Use lipstick as eyeshadow by first applying an eye primer on your eyelids to make a makeup long-lasting. Not all lipsticks are suitable for this purpose. Utilizing liquid lipsticks as eyeshadow not just accompanies the upsides of having a long-lasting effect, helps in saving your money too.

lipstick as eyeshadow

Make your own Lip Palette

Scoop out the remaining from old lipstick, and spot it on the spoon. Light the flame and hold the spoon over it. Hold up till the lip shading dissolves. Empty the liquefied lipstick into the eyeshadow palette. Hold up till it settles down and refrigerates it.

make your own lip palette


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