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How Aromatherapy gives us good health

Meaning of Aromatherapy:

This is a kind of healing treatment that uses flowers and plants to gives us good health. It is also known as essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and soul. It is a complementary treatment that uses these oils to enhance relaxations and boost mental sharpness.


How Aromatherapy Works:

It uses the smell skin absorption using products such as:

. Bathing salts

. Body oil, creams, and lotions

. Hot and cold steamers

. Aromatic Spritzers

 You find these essentials oils very easily. You can also find them on the internet. You can purchase them from food health stores or from regular supermarkets.


Health benefits of Aromatherapy:

Lavender and massage oils

1. Lavender and Sweet Orange for relaxation and reduces anxiety:


Many people said that essential oil gives them good results in their cancer treatments. It is a chemical-free treatment and this aromatherapy doesn’t harm us but gives us various health benefits. Many doctors also said that the fragrance and the good smell of the flowers help us in our mind relaxation and if we feel stressed then this oil is also good in that. Researchers also found that the pain at the time of needle injection reduces because of these oils. If lavender oil is mixed with the sweet orange then the mixture of both these beneficial in improving sleep also stabilizes the blood pressure levels in the heart patients. If the heart patients take the smell of scents then it opened the block entries in the heart.


2. Benefits of Roses:

Sniffing the scents of roses gives the deeper sleep. This therapy really works, many patients who have a sleeping problem then doctors suggest those patients smell the fragrance of roses. It gives them a deeper sleep.


3. Rosemary:

 This is another ancient flower that gives us a sharp memory. The University of UK study on this and found that Rosemary sharpens the memory system and remembers things on future to-do lists very easily.


4. Choose good quality essential oils:

Always at the time of purchasing oils, buy only real essential oils, not perfume oils. So for this before buying sniffs or smells the oil. Choose the best or good quality oils and for this, there are lots of options. The best option is to sniffs properly these oils before buy.


5. Treat the Headache and Migraines:

The essential oils reduce headache problems. Many studies show that if we sniff these oil at the time of headache then it reduces the pain and gives us relief. Many people suffer from migraines problems. The pain in this is unbearable and only medicines are not only the solution to this. The ancient plants work as medicine. All these ancient plants and flowers’ fragrance relives the pain of migraines.


6. Stress and Anxiety:

Many people who suffer from stress and anxiety use an alternative therapy. In this case, the essential oil also gives you good results. The fragrance of these oils reduces stress and anxiety problems. Many studies show that these oils can works alongside traditional therapy in the treatment of stress and anxiety. Use this during the massage reduces the stress and relaxes your mind. This aromatherapy you can use without any fear with your traditional therapy.


7. Reducing Inflammation:

It is suggested that essential oil may help fight inflammatory conditions. Some studies show that they have anti-inflammatory effects. Various human studies have examined the effects of these oils on inflammatory diseases.


8. Menstrual problems:

Essential oils reduce menstrual problems. These ancient plants and flowers work as a medicine for those ladies who have a menstrual problem. The massage of these oil gives relieves and reduces the pain at that period. Any kind of body ache pain and any other pain, the massage of this is good at that period of time.


9. Good Digestion:

Another benefit of essential oil is that the digestive system improves. The oil of lemon and Peppermint makes our digestive system good. Some studies prove that the oil these two ease the digestive system. So in this way, aromatherapy gives you a happy digestive system for a long time period.


10. Fungal Infection:

The studies of the early tree oil have had promising results in antimicrobial qualities in traditional medicine. The oil has been used athlete’s foot, oral thrush, and fungal infection.


11. Disease Prevent:

Various essential oils have antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties help prevent damage to cells caused by radicals. These cells lead to serious diseases such as cancer. Many researchers said that these oils add to food increase our consumption of antioxidants.


12. Healthy Hairs:

The essential oils are a great substitute for hair care and from all the essential oils, peppermint oil is effective in the treatment of both greasy and dry hair. It also helps in improving the blood flow to the areas of the scalp. The lavender oil helps in conditioning the hairs deeply, keep them shiny, and also works on the control dandruff.


13. Skin Nourishment:


The essential oils heal the damage to the skin and provide deep nourishment. Lavender oil and tea tree oil have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the irritation and the associated with skin conditions such as acne, burn, or insect bite. These oils alleviate wrinkles and improve the skin’s appearance.


How to use Essential oils?

There are three ways to use essential oils-

1. By inhalation:

This method helps you to smell the essential oil in a diffuser or by steam inhalation or by another way is spray.

2. Through Skin:

There are some essential oils that absorb through your skin when applied topically. But you can’t apply these oils directly. For applying these oils to your skin, firstly dilute them and then put them on your skin.

3. Orally:

The third way to take essential oils, you can ingest these oils for various purposes. But before ingesting it makes sure that it is safe for you. After that apply this oil to your skin or ingest it into your body.


Disadvantages of Aromatherapy:

  • People who have allergies problems that one didn’t use directly the essential oils. Firstly you have to consult with your doctor regarding taking this aromatherapy.
  • High blood pressure also doesn’t use the essential oil without consulting with your doctor or with your physician.
  • The asthma patients also make sure regarding these essential oils before using them.

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