How Beginners can do Yoga

Beginning yoga is a wonderful idea & starting it is a big one. By doing this you will leave all the stress in the dust and keeps relaxes your mind.

There are some tips for yoga beginners:


1. Firstly know what yoga is exactly:

Some people think that it’s tough for them because they can’t touch their feet. Their body is not flexible and that’s why they think that they cannot do it. But it is not tough at all. It is not all about stretching and touching your feet. It is the process of uniting the mind, body, and breath & you can do this very easily and effortlessly.

2. Learn yoga from a qualified teacher:

The next tip for beginners is that learn this from a qualified teacher. Who can lead you through the correct way of doing each technique? This will helps you to learn the asanas & posters properly and without injuries.

3. Inform your instructor if you have any medical problems:

If you have any medical issues or problems then in that case you have to inform your instructor about your medical conditions before starting the yoga. Because this will helps the instructor to plan out the yoga poses according to your conditions and avoid any complications and injuries.

4. Know what you wear during yoga:

Clothes are very important when you are doing yoga. Wear some comfortable clothes when you are doing asanas at your home. Avoid using belts and heavy jewelry at that time.

5. Do regular Yoga:

Excited barefoot ethnic mother and cute girl doing stretching exercises together

It’s very important yoga daily. If you don’t have time in the early morning for doing yoga then you can make your schedule any time in the whole day. Do not make any excuse for skipping the yoga. Add it to your daily routine, make a habit of doing this & slowly in the end your body gets used to it.

6. Stay light the whole day:

Many yoga instructors advised that at the time of yoga your stomach is empty. Taking your last meal you have to do yoga after 3-4 hours. Do not eat too much food at the time of doing yoga. You also have to drink three to four-liter water during the whole day, because it helps you to flush out all the toxins from your body, that are released during the time of yoga practice, out of the body.

7. Warm-up your body before doing Yoga:

Before starting doing yoga, warm-up your body, with this your body is getting prepared for the yoga asanas coming ahead. There are some warm-up exercises:

  • Massaging the head, brows, nose, and cheeks. Whenever our blood circulation is less in our body then we instinctively place the hand on the head, this is the sign that massage is needed.
  • Rotate your neck both clockwise and anticlockwise to relieve any stiffness.
  • Pump up your shoulders and shake the hands to shrug off lethargy.

8. Keep a smile and enjoy the asanas:

Smile when you are doing yoga. It helps you to relax your body and mind also helps you to enjoy the asanas much more. Because if you are in the stress than in that condition you can’t do properly your asanas, that’s why keep your mind calm and relax. In a relaxed mind, you can push your limits furthermore and also stretch more than usual.

9. Challenge your limits:

At the time of doing yoga, do all the steps comfortably. Stretch your body at that point if it comforts you. In this, the main function is of the breath, if your breath is uneven, it means that you have over-exerted.

10. Understands the core of Yoga:

It is not all about the flexibility of your body, but it also about breathing, finding inner strength through meditation, and creating freedom in the basic poses.

11. It is related to the breathing exercise:

The most important thing in this is the awareness of the breath. Filling your chest with fresh oxygen in a relaxing pose, the connection between awareness and the breath is one of the most beneficial aspects for beginners. It provides you the better sleep, reduces stress, and more present moment awareness.

12. Every yoga pose is unique:

Whenever you are doing the poses always be happy and do not compare yourself with others, because every person is unique from each other. Every person is unique at a different level of expertise. Some people perform the asanas very easily, while others will need some more time or practice to get into that position. At the starting time, no one is expertise in a new task. We all need time to do all the poses in the exact and proper manner.

13. In the End, Relax your body:

Woman relaxing in yoga mat

When you complete your asanas, don’t be in getting hurry to get up and start moving about the tasks lined up for the day. The better is to lie down in Yoga Nidra for few minutes. It cools your mind, body, and consolidates the energy produced through the asana practice. The yoga Nidra is also beneficial in relaxing your mind and body after the workout.



After doing this, you will be able to experience the deeper benefits of this in due time but only if you stay regular with your practice. It includes the asanas, pranayamas( breathing techniques), and meditations, which take you beyond the body level and also offer you the spiritual experience.

Meditation relaxes your mind, body, and soul and it also helps you to create some spiritual connection.

The Pranayama creates an aura around the body. It clears the whole energy around you. It also brings clarity and good health to the body.

So that’s why giving you time to do yoga and makes your body and mind fit and healthy.


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