How to get Gorgeous Fuller Lips Naturally

Getting fuller-looking lips permanently can be a little bit risky when you are injecting something that could hurt you. Yes, you can choose natural ways for the soft pout that causes a little swell in your lips temporarily. They may be irritant for a while but quite effective and less risky, cinnamon and peppermint oil works amazingly for the plump you want on your lips. Other methods may include tips and beauty tricks for faking big lips.

Lip Primer

A lip primer is a base that prevents drying of lips and peeling. So, it ensures your lips against harms just as makes them tinted and alluring. Achieve longer lasting lip color and plumped lips. The primer creates a base for lip color for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day. The cinnamon-scented plumper enhances your lips with a subtle plumping tingle effect for a fuller, larger look.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Profiling Plus Beauty Lip Primer
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Exfoliate lips with your favorite ingredient whether it is sugar, cinnamon or coffee. Pour that in a container and apply to your lips using a toothbrush. An Exfoliating & Nourishing Lip Balm features A Concentrated Grainy Texture That Gently Exfoliates & Transforms Into A Balm Upon Application provides An Incredibly Flattering Colorinfused With A Sweet Addictive Scentunveils Softer, Smoother, Fresher, Dewier & Naturally Rosy Lipsto Use: Any Time Of Day, Generously Apply By Gliding Along The Lip Or Massaging In Small Circles To Smooth, Re-Hydrate & Nourish Dry Skin.

Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub

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Gloss it up

For fuller-looking pout, gloss your lips and apply a touch of shine onto the center of your lips. Add shine, color, and moisturizing luster to lips with this amazing ultra-glossy formula. This high-shine formula lip gloss will leave a long-lasting sheen on your lips.
Wet N Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss

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For clear and realistic effect and an illusion of fuller pout, draw a little bit around your natural lip line using your favorite lip liner.

Lotus Makeup Ecostay Crème Lip Definer
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Apply Lipstick

For perfect control and application, apply lipstick using a fine bristle brush for thinner lips. Use the flat side of the brush to apply a product with short strokes and blend evenly across your lips. Gently clean the brush by washing with a mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave to air-dry.

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Line with Concealer

Now line outside of your lips using lip concealer and cover extra lipstick or liner using your favorite concealer.


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