How to Get Smoky Eyes

When we talk about a signature makeup look then the smokey eyes go with that. But for this, the right technique and occasion are quite important. On the wedding occasion, you can’t wear black heavy smoky eyes. There’s a time and place for everything.

What will you need to get Smoky eyes?

  • Eye shadow brushes
  • Black eye shadow brush
  • Black liner
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Primer

Tips to Apply Black Smokey Eye Makeup:

Step1. Apply the EyeShadow primer:

Always start with the primer. Firstly use a clean base. Primer helps to stay makeup for a long time. It also makes the blending process easier. Apply it with your finger or a brush, ensuring it’s distributed evenly.

Step2.  Intensify your eyelashes:

You can use this technique to make your eyes stand out by intensity. If you want to boost the volume of the lashes, apply a black kajal precisely between your lash line and the upper lid contour.

Step3. Apply the Eyeliner:

If you want to make your eyes stand out then you get fuller-looking lashes with eyeliner. You can also apply kajal on your upper and lower lash line and blend with a brush to get smokey eyes to look.

Step4. Apply Eyeshadow:

You can apply various types of eyeshades to your eyes, like; light-colored eyeshadow and Dark-colored eyeshadow. Apply the light-colored eyeshadow to your upper lid and over your brow bone, blending the direction of your temples. The second one is, apply the dark-colored eyeshadow to your lid, along with your lower lash line and to the outer corner of your eye. Next, apply a medium-colored eyeshadow to the crease to create a transition between the light and dark-colored eyeshadow, and to soften the dark color on your lower lashline. And in the end, Add highlights to the highest part of your brows and to the inner corners of your eyes using a shimmering eyeshadow color.

Step5. Apply Eyeliner:

In this step, you can use eyeliner to add mysterious depth to your look. If you want to prepare the best lashes for your mascara, apply nourishing care mascara to your lower and upper lash lines. Next, apply the mascara to complete your breathtaking smokey eyes look.

There are 5 types of Smokey Eye Makeup:

  1. Warm Brown Smokey Eyes
  2. Unicorn Smokey Eyes
  3. Classic Black Smokey Eyes
  4. The Smudged Smokey Eyes Look
  5. Glittery Smokey Eyes

1. Warm Brown Smokey Eyes:

Apply the warm light brown shade to create a crease and blend well. Use a warm dark brown shade to color in the outer corners of your eyes with a narrow round brush. Blend all the shades gently so that no harsh lines are visible on the eyes. Also, apply the golden shade to your brow bones and inner corner of your lids. Complete this process with the mascara.

2. Unicorn Smokey Eyes:

pic of woman wearing gold accessories

If you are looking for a dose of vibrancy then use the multi-hued smokey eyes. If you are looking for a fun, young, and quirky look. Then try this eyeshadow. For this firstly you have to apply an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids. Then use the electric blue eyeliner to define the upper lashline. Softly smudge and diffuse the liners. In the end, set the look with makeup setting spray.

 3.Classic Black Smokey Eyes:

Moisturize lids with the primer to ensure your smokey eye look stays put. Then apply the foundation to create an even base. Set the base with the loose powder to seal the concealer foundation. Use the fluffy brush and apply the medium-brown shade to your crease and blend well. Apply the black shade on your lower eyelid and smoke it out. Draw a sharp wing with a glossy liner. And mascara to complete the look.

4. The Smudged Smokey Eyes Look:

Firstly apply the primer with the lid and then apply the foundation to create a base and seal it with loose powder. Then line your upper eyelid with the kajal. Take a flat eye shadow brush and gently extend the pigment to create a rough wing. Clean up the wing by using the wet wipe. Then in the end apply the two coats of mascara.

5. Glittery Smokey Eyes:

Moisturize the lids with the primer to ensure that your smokey eye look stays put. Apply the concealer to create an even base. Set the base with the loose powder. Then dust golden glitter on the inner half of your lids and gently blend outwards. Draw a sharp wing with a glossy liner. Apply mascara to complete the look. Add the highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and swipe a bit of pigment on your brow bones also.

Smokey Eye Makeup for Different Eye Color:

  • Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes:

The brown eyes look good with nearly every shade of smokey eye. They look fantastic when paired with vibrant jeweled hues. The unique color surely makes your eyes for the sensational look. You can start with the violet shadow all over your lids. Then blend a rich hue into the creases of your eyes. Apply the black eyeliner to your lower lash line and lightly smudge. Then add black eyeliner to your upper lashes before finishing with two coats of mascara.

  • Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes:

While the black smokey eye makes blue eyes appear a deeper shade and for perfect day and night, this warm shade always looks good. Firstly use the cream-based eye shadow in light bronze or gold. Then use the round brush to apply the shadow and to press into the inner corners of your eyes. Blend a highlighter along with your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes.

  • Smokey Eyes for Grey Eyes:

Applying the primer, and use a medium flat brush to press burgundy eyeshadow onto your lids from lashes to the crease. Use a small angled brush and apply the same shadow to your lower lash line. Rim eyes with a warm brown eyeliner and smudge & gives you great smokey eyes.


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