Six tips to take care of your hair during the summer

If you wear a long hair and you have tried to star in that famous scene coming out of the water and throwing back all the hair you will have realized that it is not so simple, nor is it so movie. But that’s not the worst of all: wearing your hair loose in the water is often a good job of later disentangling. If having a healthy hair requires some care throughout the year, during the summer, the protection and hydration of any hair should increase. Why?

The water, the sun, the chlorine, the breeze, the saltpeter, the sand … The hair comes across during the summer season with numerous agents that can take a toll on its hydration and its shine, so, in the same way as It is advisable to protect and moisturize the skin after being exposed to the sun, also it is to do the same with the hair to look healthy and beautiful. For this, follow these tips to take care of your hair:


In the same way that there are protective products like moisturizers or ‘after sun ‘ that generate a film on the skin to protect it from the radiation of the sun’s rays, there are to protect and moisturize the hair before and after sunbathing. Another option is to cover the head with a handkerchief or a straw hat that will allow perspiration and reduce the direct incidence of the sun’s rays preventing other types of problems such as heat stroke.


The collected hair is very practical for those who have half or long hair: it prevents entanglements and allows to keep the face clear for swimming or sunbathing and, besides, it is not so hot. You can pick it up in a ponytail or a bun, although the most practical thing is to make a braid: the hair moves with less freedom and you can comb it better when you return home. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose to wear, be careful with the hairline, it is preferable to collect all the hair without leaving the scalp in the air: it is an area where sunscreen is not usually applied and the rest of the hair can cover it to prevent the sun’s rays hit him and they can burn him.

hairstyle-pure healthy fit


While summer is a time when hair is soaked more often, it does not mean that the number of washes can be reduced: chlorine in the pool and salt in the sea are two agents that can be harmful to the environment. hair, especially if it has some kind of treatment such as wicks, which may even discolor. For this reason it is important to maintain or even increase the washing routine and also to rinse the hair frequently after bathing using moisturizing products.


To help comb and untangle hair after being in contact with chlorine, sand or salt, it is recommended that the washing and styling session be carried out shortly after bathing. In addition, to help you return every hair to its place a conditioner will undoubtedly be a great ally.

Natural drying

The irons and dryers come in handy to get certain finishes or to remove moisture in winter or before sleep, but they can also burn and spoil the hair. Summer is the perfect time of year to forget about these tools and let the hair breathe and follow a natural drying process.

natural drying- pure healthy fit


To combat the dryness produced by the sun and reduce the possibility of opening the tips and break the hair is advisable to keep the hair hydrated and for this, you can apply a mask after washing. In addition to providing benefits to your hair, the variety that exists today of these products in the market will allow you to choose between multiple ingredients and aromas.

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