Tips to Increase your Appetite

It’s not normal at all if you have no appetite, it could be the reason of disease, emotional matter, either you are losing weight and sometimes an unknown reason. Maybe you are aware of this issue, want to increase your intake, still not feeling any craving. Here are some of the tips you can follow to increase your appetite without any side effects at all.

Exercise is must

Yes, You have heard it right, with losing fat by exercise you can have a weight gain. Moreover, you will have a positive weight gain. As you are getting in shape and an attractive physical appearance. Weight training is also an essential part to gain healthy weight. The released brain chemicals during physical activities help us in increasing our appetite.

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Have a Nutrient-rich Food

Go for nutrient-rich food rather than baked or fried one, as you are only consuming fats and sugars through processed food. If you are eating less, the more nutritional diet you should have. You need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. A diet with fewer calories and higher nutritional value.

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Have less and frequent meals

Having a less, frequent and nutritious meal results in an increase in metabolism. Eating irregular meals can lead to an imbalance in chemical cycles that makes your body feels more exhausted. By dividing your meal, you are not only spreading your calories, but it will also help you stay full longer. Moreover, it will help you in a reduction of cholesterol and better regulation of blood glucose level.

Drink more water, but not during a meal

Drinking water during a meal can reduce your intake, due to the increase in the volume of fluid. You should have fluids in between meals. Water during meals is actually diluting the digestive juices which ultimately disturbing our digestion of food, cause in the fluctuation of insulin level.

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Avoid Eating Alone

If you want to increase your appetite, you need to first enjoy your food. For this, you need to plan your meals with friends and families. Eating alone can make you skip meals. Whereas loved ones always encourage us to have a healthy and nutritious diet.

Enhance the Flavour

Increase your sense of taste by adding herbs and spices like peppermint leaves, oregano and basil. Just consult it before if you have high blood pressure. By adding different flavor can make your meal more appealing and tasty.


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