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Our heart is the main influenced by our bad habits of life. This is the reason due to which the number of patients of cardiovascular disease that develops each day is increasingly troubling. A healthy heart diet lacks saturated and trans fat, which raise bad cholesterol. To avoid such circumstances, we need to follow some tips for Healthy Living and a healthy heart.

What is cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease is identified with restriction in the stream of blood around the body due to, blood clots or greasy deposits in the veins and arteries. The arteriosclerosis is the development of plaque, that is, a gathering of different substances on the inner wall of the arteries, for example, cholesterol and fat. Thus, these inward blood vessel becomes up inflexible and narrow, bringing about less blood reaching all tissues, including the heart itself.

These are the tips you must follow to keep your heart healthy

Do not Smoke

Smoking and other tobacco use is likewise a huge risk factor of cardiovascular disease. The harmful substances in tobacco can harm and restricted your veins. This is increasingly hazardous for those individuals who have hypertension and cholesterol. This is because the discharged by tobacco smoke advance the development of plaque development in the arteries.


Lose Weight

Being overweight builds the danger of experiencing high blood pressure and having low dimensions of HDL cholesterol and high triglycerides in the blood, demonstrating that sooner or later, you may have some kind of heart condition. If you have additional weight, decide to lose these extra kilos as soon as possible to keep your heart healthy.

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy habits for the heart include restricting salt admission. It should comprise principally of organic products, vegetables, grains, lean meats and fish. It is important to reduce the utilization of fat and cholesterol and follow heart healthy diet. Following a balanced diet can help lessen three of the fundamental elements of heart illness: high cholesterol, hypertension and excess weight.

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Our heart is a muscle that needs to practice regularly to remain healthy and strong. We should do aerobic exercises like running or cycling three times each week for 30 minutes to strengthen the heart.

Avoid Stress

Too much stress impacts the level of cholesterol and blood pressure, in the physical action that we perform and even in the daily habit. The problem of stress can be controlled by exercise, meditation, and so on however if all else fails, the perfect is to consult with an expert.

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Regular Check-ups

Despite age and how well you feel, it is essential to see a specialist at least once every year and has a complete check-up: weight, blood and urine tests. You ought to never depend on self-medication. It is perfect to have the advice of an expert.

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