Top 10 weight loss exercises at home


Criteria behind home exercises:  Before starting exercises at home you have to understand how weight loss works. So when you are planning home exercises at home you need to know that your body works when you are doing exercise at home. Because it’s very important to know what kind of changes come into your body when you are doing exercise at home and with this, you get motivated towards home exercises.

You have to change your overall lifestyle for losing weight and for this you have to do some exercises for losing your weight. You didn’t lose your weight only by just doing the exercises but you have to take care of the food that you eat. This means you have to eat healthy and nutritious food to lose weight.

weight loss exercises at home

 10 easy ways to lose weight at home:  There are some 10 weight loss exercises at home that will help you very much.

1: Jump Ropes: Jump ropes is one of the simplest kind of exercise. You can start with a simple way of jump ropes and after some time period, you can move to another pattern of jump ropes such as Double unders.

weight loss exercises at home

2: Bridge:  This is another one of the simplest exercises that you can do. In this, you have to lie down on your back and bend your knees with your feet and then simply lift your hip back to the original position. Repeat this for some time. This will also a very good weight loss exercises at home.

3: Walking Lunges:  The other simplest exercise for losing weight Walking. Lunges exercise is a great muscle exercise that is beneficial for the legs. In this exercise, you have to start with your feet together. Take the one big step with your right leg and lower the knee of the left leg. Bring the knee back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. This exercise is also very beneficial for your core as well and you can do this exercise very easily.

4: Push-ups:  Push-ups are another very good exercise which works on your whole body. In this exercise, you have to place your hands on the sides of your chest. Gives the bodyweight on your hands when you lie down your face. Now lift your body on the upside and lower it back to the starting position by bending your elbow in that position. Repeat it for some time. This also a very beneficial exercise for losing weight.

Exercise for weight loss for females

5: Jogging and running:   Another one of the easiest exercises that you can do from home is jogging and running. Jogging and running are also very beneficial in losing weight. You didn’t want any kind of extra weight for doing this exercise and you can do running anywhere it’s easy to do. Running can also burn your fat. If you start running for the first time you can do it for 15-20 minutes.

weight loss exercises at home for beginners

6:Cycling:  Another exercise is also helpful in losing weight at home. You can do cycling at your home also. You don’t need to go to the gym for doing cycling. Cycling helpful in making your fitness good and lose weight. cycling doesn’t lose weight but it also makes you overall fit only if you do cycling regularly. As a beginner, you can do cycling for 15-20 minutes.

exercise for weight loss at home for male

7: Yoga:  Yoga is also a very simple and beneficial weight loss exercise at home. Yoga is just not only helpful in losing weight but it also helps in reducing stress. Yoga is very helpful in reducing calories and additionally, it can provide many health benefits that can help in reducing weight. You can do yoga anywhere and you don’t want to go gym for doing this. You can do this from your home with ease.

weight loss exercises at home in 1 week

10: Squats:  Squats helps reduce weight and it also reduces fat from your thighs. Squats are also helpful in increasing the heartbeat level. In Squats you have to stand with your feet shoulders width apart and squat in a sitting position. Thighs should be parallel to the floor and the back is straight. Squats are also very helpful in burns calories.

Best exercises to lose weight at home

8: Walking:  Another one of the most convenient exercises that you can do very easily. This exercise doesn’t need any kind of equipment. Walking is a very simple exercise to add to your daily routine. It helps in losing weight and burns calories.

exercise for weight loss at home for female in 7 days

9: Stretching: Stretching is also the easiest exercise for losing weight. Ou can do Stretching anywhere. Stretching not only just to lose weight but it relaxes your whole body. It helps in increasing your flexibility and improves your blood sugar level. All your muscles get calm by doing stretching. If you want better results from stretching then you can include it in your daily routine. You can do stretching 1 or 2 times after doing your workout.

Exercise for weight loss at home for female with pictures

Summary:  In this article, you understand how you can lose weight at home. It gives you some simple ways to reduce weight with ease. All those exercises that have mentioned are that kind of exercises that you can do anywhere. There are some exercises for beginners also and they can easily do those exercises at home. All the exercises that are mentioned didn’t need any kind of equipment. So do all these exercises easily at home and becomes fit and healthy.

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