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Top 20 Beautiful Nail Arts & Designs

Nails are also an important part of the body. With a little polish you can make your nails looks extremely beautiful and eye-catching. If you want to make your nails more beautiful and attractive then use some beautiful nail art designs.

1. French Manicure:

The nail art design is always the best & cheapest bet while playing with the nails. It’s time to get creative and ditch the basic French manicure. It’s a contrast color or with a tinge of glitter that can add to your style.

2. The Sunset Effect:

If you want to add some fire to your talons with sunset effect in fiery effect, then you can go with this nail art design. With this bold nail art design, you can become the center of attraction.

3. Marble Effect:

It is tricky to do without any help. For this effect, you have to do some practice and learn this technique and then you have a marvelous marble nail effect.

4.Two-tone Nail Art Design:

This design is one of the easiest ways to do nail art. You can do this at your home and without any hassle and looks stylish. For this nail art you only just need two different nail paints and you can great two-toned beautiful nail art design.

5. Cherry Nails:

The cherry nail art looks cute and gives the perfect match in the summer outfits. This nail art design looks really elegant and appealing. Young girls also flaunt cherry nails and look stylish.

6. Bridal Nail Arts:

The designer nails help prettify your outfit and personality. The bridal nail art designs will enhance your bridal beauty. There are some options in this like; Beads, stones, and glitter that give you the extraordinary look.

7. Glittery Nails:

If you want to look glitzy and edgy then these glittery nail art are made for you. Glitter is known to add glamour to the overall look. This nail art makes you look like a total glam queen and make everyone fan over your incredibly good-looking nails.

8. Speckled Nail Art:

It turns your nails into a chic work of art using a toothbrush. But for all of this, you just need your favorite nail paints and a toothbrush to get funky speckled nails.

9. Metallic Nails:

The art not only looks shiny and shimmery but also looks classy and eye-catching. The ladies look stunning without much effort with metallic nail paint.

10.3d Nail Art:

 Designs are very much popular these days. The 3d nail art with a wide variety of beautiful nail art designs from simple and sophisticated to vibrant to zany. These can also add the stars to your look and make you stand out in the crowd.

11. Gold and natural Nail Art:

These are the fantastic nail art designs that indulge in the trend without looking overly extravagant. On the steady hand, you can paint a gold design on the natural base. This beautiful nail art gives you various options of colors like; pink, orange, or a bright soft rose gold ascent.

12.Eyes Nail Art:

persons left hand showing white nail polish

It is eye-popping in both design and effect. In this nail art painting the eyes at the base of the nails. Every people has their different color choices, if black and white is not your choice then you can switch to other colors and paint the eyes in more realistic colors. One thing more understands about this is, that the more contrasting the color combination the more it will stand out good.

13. Cute Nail Art Design:

The design will take you from the office to casual weekends with ease. To make this nail art cute then keep it simple and choose simple designs & shapes. The cutest nail art is suitable for shorter and round-shaped nails. The matte finish of this is a lovely variation.

14.Dot Nail Art Design:

It’s a simple and to-the-point art design. This is very flexible because you can use the same base color for all your nails. You can also use the contrasting shade for a simple and large dot on each finger. This design is very easy to apply and you can easily make this nail art at your home also.

15. Watercolor Nails:

It is also very trending these days because these are very impressive. You can also do experiments with the sunset-inspired neon.

16. Floral Nail Art Design:

When you look at a bunch of flowers around you then you feel extremely good. This floral  & beautiful nail art is perfectly pretty and gives the great look for the brunch with the girls or weekend picnics. It is your personal choice you can choose any flower in any color. If you are a technician then you can paint the flowers on your nails.

17. Pastel Nail Art Designs:

It gives your nails the pretty look. It features both multicolored and half-tripped nails. You can apply these pastel nail art designs easily without any complications. Use four colors and ties them together that feature in the chevron on each other fingers.

18. Silver Tips Nail Art Designs:

The nail art designs are easily wearable. These are also suitable for the office. Silver nail strips are easily applied and more durable. You have to do only one thing that is applying this design on the clear base coat, then add the strips and trim off any excess. In the end, finishes with a clear topcoat for high shine and extra protection.

19. Colored Tips Nail Art:

Most people like it the most because of these colored tips for the nails. You can also choose any color combination according to your choice, but mix it with modern colors. The critical step in this nail art is that make sure that you are letting each stripe dry entirely before taping down space for the next line.

20. Black & White Nail Art Design:

It is the classic combo and makes sense to apply modern nail art. This looks incredibly versatile and can be adapted to modern designs. Keep this beautiful nail art simple with fine black lines crossing white nails. You can also add the zigzag design. To prevent the look from becoming messy, paint a few of your nails block color to anchor the design.




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