Types of Sweeteners for Diabetics

The use of sugar, like salt, has more to do with a matter of pleasure than of necessity. The healthiest elements contained in some sweeteners, such as vitamins or minerals, are best obtained from other foods. Any type of sweetener contains large doses of simple sugars that increase blood glucose levels and impair health. So, if we can not deprive ourselves of sweetening our favorite dishes or drinks, we better take advantage of Sweeteners for Diabetics.


It is extracted from a family plant of sunflowers, initially from South America. Its flavor is somewhat like that of licorice. The most widely recognized is to discover dried, squashed leaves or their crude concentrate. Stevia has a GI of 0. It doesn’t give calories and its ability to improve is up to 300 times more prominent than sugar. It is a sweetener perfectly recommended for diabetics. Stevia lasts a long time, does not transform with high temperatures and is not addictive. Of all the natural sweeteners available in the market, stevia is undoubtedly the healthiest. Although you have to get used to its intense flavor with a touch of licorice.
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Birch sugar (xylitol)

It has its origin in the scorching of the birch, a common tree in Europe. It has a flavor like table sugar and its appearance is fundamentally the same as that of white sugar. Birch sugar has a GI of 7, and 40% less calories than normal sugar. Anticipates against caries and is alkalizing. It’s an ideal pick for diabetics and individuals who count each calorie without surrendering all desserts. It very well may be utilized by individuals with diabetes and individuals who attempting to lose weight fast. As it decreases the desserts desires and the body can process it with an insignificant measure of insulin.


Its effects are strong and, although they do not reach the level of stevia. It also has the property of having few calories. As a rule, it isn’t prescribed to take it ceaselessly since it can have side effects. The logical proof is dissimilar. Individuals with phenylketonuria, the individuals who don’t metabolize accurately the amino acid phenylamine ought to avoid from taking it. Without the catalyst phenylalanine hydroxylase, it isn’t conceivable to process aspartame. The portion of aspartame every day is 40 mg. per kilo of weight.
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Sucralose is not absorbed in the body, so it has zero calories. It is about 600 times sweeter than table sugar and can be used in anything. Since it does not lose its sweetness when heat is applied, you can use it in hot foods and for baking. If you are worried about keeping your blood sugar below 100 mg/dl, it may be a good alternative. Since it is recommended to take sucralose for patients with type 2 diabetes. Helps maintain the blood sugar level in normal values. The maximum dose of sucralose is 5mg / kg of weight.

Monk Fruit

It is a fruit with great nutritional value and with the particularity of having a high glucose content. Monk Fruit is capable of converting it into a sugar substitute, ideal for those suffering from diabetes. Do not miss this exotic and healthy fruit. When you buy your monk’s fruit extract, look closely at its nutritional label. Because some companies may combine the fruit of the monk with other sweeteners. It could be erythritol or even with molasses and sugar.
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