What’s the bones healthy diet?

Bones healthy diet

Good food is really important for our health. Healthy food makes your bones strong. You have to take a proper diet like eat green vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, etc. Also take a good source of calcium like milk, cheese. So these Bones healthy diet good for your bones.

7 Foods for good bone health:

Bones are a very important part of our body. It contains soft tissue called bone marrow that produces the blood. In this scenario, healthy bones are really important for our body to do daily tasks without any obstacles or pain.

1: Yogurt:

Bones healthy diet

Yogurt contains calcium, proteins, and vitamin D which is really good for our bones. It also has nutrients that help us to maintain our bones healthy. If we take daily yogurt in our daily diet then it is really beneficial for our overall body health.

2: Tofu:

food foe strong bones and muscles

Tofu is a good source of protein and it contains all the nine essentials of amino acids. It is a really valuable source that contains iron, calcium and both these sources are really important for our health. It has 67 vital nutrients. Tofu helps reduce bone loss.

3: Cheese:

list five foods you can eat to build strong healthy bones

Our bones are never static always, we constantly form new bones and break down the old material. Up to the age of 30, we are at the building stage adding strength to our skeleton. But after 30 we lose bone minerals faster than we replace them. So this is really important that we keep strength in our bones after the age of 30 & we achieve this by consuming cheese because it contains calcium & protein, which is good for our bones health.

4: Spinach:

How to increase bone calcium

Spinach is a great food element for those who don’t eat dairy food items. It is a rich source of vitamin k that helps in the production of a protein called ostecalic &  responsible for stabilizing calcium in the bones. Spinach also contains calcium, minerals, and vitamin D. All these Bones healthy diet gives us good health

5: Fresh orange juice:

Fruits for bones

It is rich in vitamin C which helps in forming collagen. It plays a very important role in healthy bone structure. Calcium and minerals forfeited orange juice.  Bones healthy diet gives strong bones.

6: Nuts:

Bone health tips

Nuts are also a good source of healthy bones. It contains protein and magnesium. These two nutrients are the key factor to strengthen bone mass. Take a good mixe fruit every day to make your bones healthy.

7: Milk:

How to increase bone calcium

Milk is also a very good source in building your bones strong. Milk and dairy products concentrated on calcium sources. Many researchers found that the women who drink more than three or more glasses of milk every day are nearly doubled their risk of death with the comparison to the women who drank less than one glass each day, Men were not affected as women. 

Bone Health Tips:

For Bones healthy diet there are some bone health tips:

1: Eat lots of vegetables.

2: Consume enough protein

3: Get plenty of vitamin K and vitamin D

4: Perform strength training and weight-Bearing exercises

5: Eat high calcium foods throughout the day

6: Maintain a stable, and healthy weight

7: Include foods high in magnesium and zinc

8: Consume foods high in omega-3 fats

9: Avoid very-low-calorie diets

10: Consider taking collagen supplements

Fruits for Bones:

Fruits also play a very important part in our healthy life. Calcium performs various functions in our body. It takes more than 90 percent calcium to keep your bones & teeth strong. The rest of the calcium is used by the blood clotting. If calcium deficiency comes into our body it creates various kinds of problems for us like muscle cramps, Dry skin, Tooth decay, and Insomnia.

                             So for this, you take those fruits that contain calcium and also give you a healthy body. The list of those fruits are as follows:

A: Apricots

B: Kiwi

C: Oranges

D: Berries

E: Pineapples

F: Litchi

Vitamins for strong bones and joints:

If you take daily good food nutrients and supplements it promotes good health. Many people take daily multi-vitamins to ensure that they get enough essential vitamins and minerals they need each day, There are five best vitamins to promote good health.

A: Fish oil

B: Calcium

C: Vitamin D

D: Glucosamine

E: Chondroitin


In this article, we came to know what is a healthy diet to make our bones healthy and fit. There are various food items and fruits that help you to make your bones strong. The good Bones healthy diet gives your body the proper calcium and vitamins.

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